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The mySourceCard MasterCard® Debit Card Virtually Eliminates:

  • Out-of-Pocket Expenses
  • Claim Forms
  • Reimbursement Checks

Through the use of a benefit linked debit card, employees can have easier access to the funds set aside in their employer-sponsored benefit accounts simply by swiping the mySourceCard at the point of sale.

This MasterCard debit card transfers funds from employee benefit accounts directly to qualified providers with no out-of-pocket cost and no need to file a claim for reimbursement.

The mySourceCard can be used at any qualified service provider that accepts MasterCard. Additionally, the mySourceCard will be accepted at merchant locations using the Inventory Information Approval System (IIAS). Participants may use the mySourceCard for eligible health care and dependent care expenses such as medical deductibles, copayments not covered by a health plan, prescriptions, dental or vision expenses, and dependent care.

IIAS Merchant List
Current list of IIAS Merchants

NOTE: This card is intended to have limited utility. At the request of Benefit Bank, use of this card is authorized for specific types of purchases as set forth in your plan document[s]. It cannot be used at other MasterCard® acceptance locations. No cash access.